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Ronald's gonna get you! Ronald's gonna get you! Ronald's gonna get you!

Can you find all the happy meals before Ronald finds you? Investigate a spooky world and see what you can discover but always look behind you because you never know who is watching.

We have a devlog about the making of this game: https://youtu.be/0g_t_a2Hkl

and our discord: https://discord.gg/UYdJd4a


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ronald-win.zip 15 GB
Version 4

Development log


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Pretty fun game I can't lie, basically slender man but with ronald mcdonald, nice graphics too.


very cool lookin graphics, now i get why it was  15gb haha 

i enjoyed, very well done bro.

here is my gameplay, spoilers I Failed haha


Did not know what to expect going into this one. But it is surprisingly fun. Perfect mixture of Horror and comedy. You'll laugh and scream and run.  Check the full video for the gameplay!  

hold on, why the hell is this game 15gb

It was made in a week with pretty high res assets. Made it so there wasn't time to optimise it quite as well as we would have liked sadly!


This was great! I wish there was more to the map. The screenshots ended up looking a lot better than what you got in game.

Full Gameplay. :))

gostei do jogo mas não me da medo e esta com alguns bugs mas não e podre

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Für die deutschen Zuschauer!


15gb is tons-

Graphics is making my pc go Brrr XD

Exploit or just lucky... FInished twice without ronald spawning :D

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders.

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game wouldn't work for me, every time I download it it doesn't show a file containing the actual game so I don't know if the download is messed up but idk I need some help.


Hi, that's weird. After you extract the contents of the zip you should find the executable in the 'Windows No Editor' Folder. Is that folder empty for you

I cannot wait to play this on stream tonight! :D 

Cheap plug - twitch.tv/chipthompsonsthumbs


I just want to say I had such a blast playing this and it turned into one of my favourite streams ever!

Really glad you enjoyed it! :)

You know what you're getting into when you download this. You want Ronald? You get Ronald. I checked the devlog out and it looked like you had fun so that's cool to see. 

I noticed that this is using the horror engine template and I'm a big fan of it so that's also pretty cool to see.

Thanks for making games!

This game was crazy ! It was just annoying that I couldn't find the last meal lol

here is my try 


This game struck my soul in the worst ways. 

Are you scared of clowns? Did you hate Ronald McDonald? Well I did too. Come watch me play this Ronald McDonald Horror game! Great game Devs!

Well... this was harder than i expected... also i think he glitches if he gets too close and never stops chasing you... which... i mean... i like it... but DAYUM! ;d ;d ;d


I am from Malaysia,Chinese Gamer

Thank Ronald Game,i like playing horror game

very hard game finding all the boxes i searched many times and knew a lot of the hiding places for the boxes, had A LOT of jumpscares but finally he spawned right next to me and i died fast

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The last 2 boxes always seem the hardest lol. Fun experience. The flashlight lowering every time you start running was killing me tho.


really awesome atomosphere

I broke Ronny *sent with fist slam*

Ok ya this was creepy and stressful :p so I loved it lol. This game ran fine for me and I didn't experience any issues/glitches. Over all I enjoyed this game and would recommend it :) Here's a short video I put together for you

Ronald scared the hell out of me....It was really a fun game and I had a great time playing it.

When Ronald chases you it is terrifying. 

Thank you for making this great game.

I knew this clown wasn't right in the head. You have truly captured the essence of this horrifying monster. I had a blast playing this game! I am curious what other horror games you will make now...  Thanks for making this game!

Gameplay BR, bom jogo, estilo slenderman, só o mapa é pequeno e as coisas não são totalmente aleatórias, o que torna o jogo meio fácil.

i didn't get a toy in any of the happy meals

looveee ittt

my take on your game.
bug report: on other rounds ronald won't spawn at all, making the game really easy to finish.

I gave it a go - 

What an awesome scary game! Keep up the great work. See my video review of it:

This is awesome! Scary and great setting. We loved it.

looveee itttttttttt


bro...when has it EVER been this SCARY to go and pick up a happy meal? Excellent game..i approve lol

i hope i dont get a virus downloading this but looks fun!

No viruses here just the power of unreal engine lol (but seriously this is a game)

Fun game ! Very impressive visuals for a parody game 

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