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very hard game finding all the boxes i searched many times and knew a lot of the hiding places for the boxes, had A LOT of jumpscares but finally he spawned right next to me and i died fast

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The last 2 boxes always seem the hardest lol. Fun experience. The flashlight lowering every time you start running was killing me tho.


really awesome atomosphere

I broke Ronny *sent with fist slam*

Ok ya this was creepy and stressful :p so I loved it lol. This game ran fine for me and I didn't experience any issues/glitches. Over all I enjoyed this game and would recommend it :) Here's a short video I put together for you

Ronald scared the hell out of me....It was really a fun game and I had a great time playing it.

When Ronald chases you it is terrifying. 

Thank you for making this great game.

I knew this clown wasn't right in the head. You have truly captured the essence of this horrifying monster. I had a blast playing this game! I am curious what other horror games you will make now...  Thanks for making this game!

Gameplay BR, bom jogo, estilo slenderman, só o mapa é pequeno e as coisas não são totalmente aleatórias, o que torna o jogo meio fácil.

i didn't get a toy in any of the happy meals

looveee ittt

my take on your game.
bug report: on other rounds ronald won't spawn at all, making the game really easy to finish.

I gave it a go - 

What an awesome scary game! Keep up the great work. See my video review of it:

This is awesome! Scary and great setting. We loved it.

looveee itttttttttt


bro...when has it EVER been this SCARY to go and pick up a happy meal? Excellent game..i approve lol

i hope i dont get a virus downloading this but looks fun!

No viruses here just the power of unreal engine lol (but seriously this is a game)

Fun game ! Very impressive visuals for a parody game 

Ronald turned out to be a much better game than I expected. It's essentially a clone of Slenderman: The Eight Pages, with the pages replaced by Happy Meals. Much like Slenderman, there's no rhyme or reason for finding the Happy Meals; the objective is simple enough, find all eight meals before Ronald gets you. Unlike Slenderman, however, Ronald actually chases you the more meals you find. Have you seen Stephen King's IT (2017)? Remember the part where Pennywise rose from the water in the basement and ran towards Bill laughing with an evil look on his face? That's kind of like how Ronald reacts when he chases you around.

The graphics are gritty and dark, just the perfect style for this type of game. Even though the environment in the game doesn't really make sense (parking lot of a mock-up McDonald's, a gas station, and a grocery store), it's creepy enough. It would've made more sense If you were inside a labyrinth-like McDonald's Play Place.

Even though Ronald becomes more unstable the more meals you find, he generally has unexpected behavior. If you run away from him far enough, he'll stop chasing you, other times he won't even stop at all. I loved this game, highly recommend it, especially for a compilation-type video.

Slenderman but it's Ronald McDonald?? This game was really creepy! I really wish there were more in depth options but nonetheless it was a lot of fun and his sprint mechanic was terrifying! Keep up the great work!!!

this game was awesome took forever tho to find the last one i had a really good time devs anyway thank you so much for letting me get ahold of this if yall wanna check out me getting scared here ya go

Good game !

I almost made it ! Great game. Ill try again soon ! Game here: 

Toy please

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

loved it !!!
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Ronald SUS

Had fun trying out this Ronald McDonald horror game! 

Had a blast playing Moe's Body Shop! The guy in overalls is terrifying when he pops up around the corners with those sounds haha. Love the ambiance as well. Definitely worth a download if you have the 15 minutes to play it! I look forward to your other titles!

I was expecting this to be a simple walking sim with some spooky McDonald's shenanigans, but there was much more than that! I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail in the environment, the sheer creepiness of Ronald, and the actual need for the use of strategy to get through this. This exceeded my expectations, and I had a ton of fun playing this! Great work!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the kind words!

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GOOD Atmospheres

Very Cool Game I Had Fun! Keep Up The Good Work!:)


Played this game @15:31 and The visuals alone are fantastic developer. I can see this getting to the top spot soon. 

Loved the video! Thanks for giving it a play :)

this was fun

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Thanks :)



Played it for my 3 ghetto games. Most peaceful ending ever lol.

Nice video! Thanks for playing



Thanks for playing and making the youtubes :D




Nice game but i don't understand why the game is so huge. 12gb?

Hey, glad you enjoyed it!! I'm not sure where you are getting the 12gb from as the file download size is 3.3gb?

yeah I know it was pretty big 



This game was beautiful, scary, and funny. Enjoyed it!

Hey! I enjoyed the video thanks for playing :)


Great game!

Thanks :D

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