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Game Made for Ludum Dare 42

Through the window of your bunker you stare into the wasteland beyond yearning for the day you might return. Someone appears, looking into their eyes you see desperation, tiredness and despair. Will you let them join you inside or will you leave them outside to die.

In Bunker Down you need to speak to people on the outside of your bunker and decide if you will let them join you in safety. You only have a limited amount of space so you can't save everyone.

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The Game crashes after startup "LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line:200] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')"

I down loaded it but i cant play it how do i play it?


Hey, if you unzip the downloaded folder then there should be a file called BunkerDown.exe just run that!

How do you unzip?


try youtube tutorials


I'd love a Mac version for this, the game looks great!!

I saw this game on YouTube and wanted to give it a shot! Hope the $15 helps with your future projects! Good luck!

Sorry I can't pay for it but the game is GREAT

Sorry developers but i can't donate im broke asf great game!!!

I attempted to run this on windows 7 and I get a fatal error. Simply attempting to start the game exe give a fatal error pop up and closes.


why no mac version???


Playing this game made me realize I would have a battle royale in my armored bunker xD LOL! The game was fun, thank you!


hey yall, no to be that bish, but its "Graystillplays", not that it really matters, just a heads up in case someone wanted to search his channel to see what everyone was talking about. hes killing it with these itch.io titles, i dont know how the man always seems to weed out the best this place has to offer, ill be sure to play this as well, once i get through all the other ones hes played that i wanna play lol.


I wish I could've payed for it, but I'm unfortunately a broke 13-year old who doesn't have any money, but I'll definitely buy the game for $20.00 once I can afford it! (Also came from Grey StillPlays) :)


50% from comments : i would pay 10000$ fro mac version

49% comments : From Grey Stillplays 

1% of the comments : 

50% from comments : i would pay 10000$ fro mac version

49% comments : From Grey Stillplays 


I would literally pay like, $30 for a Mac version


just watched GreyStillPlays play this– would love a mac version if you were to ever get around to it!! this looks sooo fun


Played on my series, Indie Game Roundup. Very promising so far!


Hey, thanks for playing our game. Hope you enjoyed it!

Hey i have a question, how do i start the game bunker down